This fun and best craft project by Easy Craft DIY can bring some fun still as spring into your home. Use this to brighten your house or provide it as a present to a lover, it can be for any Day or maybe for Birthdays! If square measure you’re} interested by however simple and easy these are to create DIY Button Bouquet in A Salt Shaker then proceed to scan down below for the complete directions. 

DIY Button Bouquet in a salt shaker

Supplies for DIY Button Bouquet in a salt shaker:

  • A salt and pepper box 
  • Floral wire 
  • Assorted buttons 
  • A small piece of froth 
  • Scrapbook paper or paint 
  • Felt, completely different colors 
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks 
  • Wire cutter and pliers 
  • Paintbrush, pencil, marker, etc., for voluted 
  • Scissors 

Directions to create DIY Button Bouquet in A Salt Shaker:

Step 1 

Cut very little flowers from completely different colors of felt material, then place every button you selected on the prime of every flower, and mark the buttonholes. Poke or cut those marks with a cut to make it easier to stitch the button on them. Attach the floral wire through every felt flower and into the button right prime of it, then twist the wire along at the rear many times and as tight as doable till it’s secured. employing an edge trim off the surplus wire that you just twisted. Cut out tiny circles from the felt, then attach every one of them at the rear to hide the twisted wire victimization hot glue. 

Step 2

Next, prepare the flower jar or your salt shaker. You’ll paint, chalk paint the outside of the salt shaker, mod podge album paper on the skin, otherwise, you will cut a bit of album paper, then insert and line the salt shaker with it. Use your finger to unfold it out equally, then cut a bit of froth that’s roughly a similar size because of the salt shaker’s interior, and push it within.

Place the lid of the salt shaker back on, then you’ll begin grouping your bouquet. {you will be able to} trim a number of the stems with wire cutters to line your flower at completely different heights otherwise you can coil them by wrapping the stem around a pencil a couple of times.