Hi DIYers, welcome to Easy Crafts Blog! We will be showing you how to make patches from recycled jeans today. 

This is a fun upcycled creation that you can make from old pants sets. You don’t for a moment even need an entire pair! 

It’s an excellent method for spending any pieces extra from an undertaking you made with reused pants like Carissa’s truly famous Farm Girl Apron from an old pants task or this upcycled denim crown project. 

It’s simple to make denim patches utilizing Dimensional Fabric paint (some could call it puffy paint). 

These bright patches are ideal for adding embellishments to a sack or rucksack. But, unfortunately, they are a tomfoolery art to do with more seasoned kids or even as a day camp specialty. 

We have rainbows, unicorns, precious stones, blossoms, and narwhal patches included here, yet get as innovative as you like- – anything is possible! 

The most effective method to Make Patches from Recycled Jeans or Fabric Scraps 


Layered Fabric Paint 

Pieces of denim texture 

Weaving floss 

Weaving needle 

Texture stick (for a no-sew choice) 

Sack or knapsack to enrich 


The most effective method to Make Patches from Recycled Jeans

Step 1: Paint a Rainbow!

Make Patches From Recycled Jeans

Layered texture paints are so easy to utilize. 

The container comes to an ideal tip, ideal for detail. 

Press out the paint on the denim texture scrap. 

Step 2: Paint a Unicorn! 

Utilize the white layered paint to paint a basic outline of a pony. 

Add a gold horn on the highest point of the head. 

Paint over the mane with various paint tones, similar to pink and blue. 

Step 3: Paint a Narwhal!

Utilize the layered blue paint to draw a basic whale frame. 

Utilize the silver paint to include a horn at the highest point of the whale. 

Step 4: Dry and Cut! 

Put the denim scraps away and let all the paint dry totally. 

When the paint is dry, cut out each shape, leaving an edge of denim around the outer edge for sewing the patches. (if you are utilizing texture paste to connect the patches, you can conclude whether you need to leave a boundary) 

Step 5: How to append the patches

If you desire to sew your patches on, cut a 24-inch length of weaving floss. 

Part the weaving floss into two or three strands. 

String the needle and tie the closures in a tangle. 

Easy Way to Make Patches From Recycled Jeans

On the occasion that involves texture, stick with a no-sew choice, apply some to the rear of each side and stick to the back. 

Sew join or crosses, utilizing shaded weaving floss to add a pleasant pizza. 

Start painting a rainbow by using the red curve as a starter. Then pipe on the orange, yellow, green, and finally blue. Finish it off with some mists at the foundations of each turn. 

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